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Why MED1C?

MED1C is the solution to an emergent problem: the video-analysis on medicine. A solution that helps the professionals on they daily work: recording, tagging, sharing, revising and analyzing medical videos in real time and/or after the interventions.

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Our solutions

We offer products designed for the needs of every sector, from the individual use of the specialists and/or students to complex corporative solutions supported by the Intranet.


The Software for students

The software for education, where the students can visualize, repeat, draw, show, adjust, mark… the video, generating valuable information for their studies.

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For the professional

The core of the system for processing information is MED1C Station, plug and play functional equipment for hospital networks, equipped with touchscreen that incorporates video processing Software MED1C in its full version.

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Manage up to 4 video sources

Manage multiple video input interfaces (PAL, SDI, HDMI, etc.). The objective is to obtain the maximum input compatibility in order to analyze the video generated on the medical equipment (universal video, MP4, HD, 3D and 4K).

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Do not worry about anything

Let us do all the work. You only have to tell what you need (recording, viewing, repeating, drawing, analyzing, tagging…). We will take care of your project from A to Z. Do not worry, you are on the hands of the best specialists on the market.

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Use cases


MED1C offers a new approach: any part of the intervention is recorded and labels and metadata are generated to quickly perform a content based search and retrieve the relevant scenes. Unlabelled recording periods can be discarded freeing storage space if necessary. Real time tagging also saves time when analysing after surgery.


Structuring the information allows professionals to identify different parts of training sessions with many criteria. Then, research can be made by means of keywords (labels) and produce reports and analysis by subject, session or professionals on real time using any device (including smartphones) according to their research objective.


MED1C works as an information hub for data and video, this allows to easily process information and related video segments. The video serves as context for metadata. Data takes up little and fast allowing circulating fraction invoke the associated video. This facilitates collaboration between doctors and doctor–patient communication.


MED1C solution aims to introduce in the medical sector an innovative ICT solution for video capture and real time event processing. This will allow to track patient evolution and to provide complete information for medical staff to improve patients’ diagnosis and treatment in order to make care and rehabilitation more customized and faster.


Discover what MED1C can do for you

Improvements on the interpretation and analysis capabilities of physicians, their success on their work and the satisfaction on their patients.

Generation of reports (vídeo and images) for Teaching, Presentations, Evidences, Masters… made with ease and simplicity.

Standardize and simplify the video treatment on complex environments (such as an hospital), making it independent from other solutions and fully capable.

Makes it possible to store video on the Clinical History of the patiens, saving only the most important information of an intervention (1% of it).


MED1C allows you to get the best results from your work

MED1C allows to archive those parts of the video that are more relevant, avoiding not programmed stops and inversions on expensive storage solutions.

Automate the video-analysis, reducing the visualisation and study time of each case by the physicians, increasing their productivity.

Improves the monitorisation on existing practices and makes it possible on those that are new, such as Emergency attention, decreasing waiting periods and professionals involved.

A better medical praxis decreases the number of interventions and recovery periods.

The project proposal 726020: MED1C Video-analisys management system for health hospitals Submitted under the Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 2 call H2020-SMEInst-2016-2017 (H2020-SMEINST-2-2016-2017) of 3 February 2016 in the area of Accelerating market introduction of ICT solutions for Health, Well-Being and Ageing Well by 1D3A ANALOGICO Y DIGITAL SL.


MED1C certificated with Seal of Excellence European solution

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Renowned specialists uses the MED1C platform to document their cases, support their thesis and generate knowledge. If you want more information about MED1C, please, contact us and you will hear back from us as soon as possible.



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